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Verification of Emissions Reductions January 1, 2011

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Carbon Finance

Investment in plant and equipment will soon be replaced with efficient technology and new power sources as the world approaches the conclusion of the Industrial Revolution.  By chosing to forego mandatory verification of reported emmissions, the EPA is afforded greater enforcement ability, and recent fines and penalties show their ability to enforce compliance.  The states are one step ahead with 38 states having already signed into one of the voluntary reporting programs, each of which will require verification from an accredited 3rd party.  LakeShore’s team of accredited professionals maintain a level of skepticism and industry knowledge expected of a world class consultant because we understand the vital role of voluntary markets in establishing precedents and shaping public policies that will guide the standards for maintaining a clean, sustainable environment for generations to come.
Our loyalty lies not only to the protocols that guide our work ethic, but to society’s expectation from the companies with the experience and knowledge to guide them.

California Air Resource Board Mandatory Emissions Reporting

The California Air Resource Board ramped up it first year of the Mandatory Emissions Reporting Program established under AB-32.  After the failure of Prop 23, the state made a decision to convert the program to a cap and trade scheme in 2012.  The program revisions will work to harmonize requirements of the EPA Mandatory Emissions Reporting Program as well as the US and Canadian states participating in the Western Climate Initiatve.  Our participation with the Center for Resource Solutions Green-e program makes us a perfect candidate for energy marketers subject to AB-32.  LakeShore Global is set apart from other Verification Bodies by our ability to administer verification to both the voluntary renewable energy credit markets as well as the mandatory emissions reporting markets.  Our dual reporting customers experience even greater savings and efficiency by consolidating program management.  We are working towards additional accreditations that will improve our cost structure further and make us even more competitive in the California markets in 2011.  Even if you are not a dual reporter, our financial expertise give us a view on your audit that other verifiers do not have.  Ensure your verifiers have the financial expertise necessary to navigate the  complex, unstructured financial markets of the new cap and trade regime.  Call us and let us discuss how you can reduce your compliance cost.  Our pricing is competitive because of the efficiencies we gain through our global scope over the clean energy markets.

Green-e Climate

There has been a long standing debate between the carbon offset market and renewable energy certificate markets regarding a RECs ability to represent a reduction in greenhouse gases.  The problem is exacerbated as a result of different states permitting substituion attributes in order to meet RPS requirements.  As a result, attributes can get stripped during the sale process prior to final retirement.   In order to help bridge this gap, The Center for Resource Solutions adopted the Green-e Climate Standard to provide a common registry capable of tracking the individual attributes of each environmental product.to ensure that critical elements of the carbon offset certificate have not been stripped away from the REC during the chain of custody.
Our clients who leverage our industry knowledge and relationships enjoy greater efficiency and lower cost, because they can rest assured that we understand the industry and the pertinent issues that impact your bottom line.  Call us and see how we can help you to improve the verification experience.

Federal Energy Management Program GHG Reporting

Even though verification for this program was deemed optional by design, when DLA Energy contracted to purchase renewable energy certificates to fulfill program requirements, the bid for proposal contained a provision requiring verification of the purchased RECs.  LakeShore has already performed verifications under this program.  As a result, we have streamlined the process to enable the lowest pricing possible for these low  risk federally sponsored programs.  Call us to find out how we can save you time and money by outsourcing non-verified projects to the Verification Experts to ensure your program requirements are met.

CO2 Portfolio Validation

Proper accounting and tracking of carbon credits can be critical to the success of your environmental portfolio. 3rd party verification will lead to credibility and assurance that your partners and customers will require of your products. LakeShore’s team of specialists are prepared to assist you in developing the appropriate 3rd party verifications needed to ensure accurate measurement, verification and reporting for projects and related attributes.

EPA Mandatory Emissions Reporting Program

Reporting into this program is mandatory, and verification will be done by the EPA. Program participants will need to wiegh the potential risks associated with the reporting program and determine if additional risk can be mitigated by our technically trained team . Leverage our knowledge of the industry and related standards to ensure your emissions remain within standard guidelines. If you need assistance with preparation of your GHG inventory, or other related techncial consulting services, call us to discuss how we can help.
The Verification Experts


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cleanenergymarkets September 19, 2010

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On July 27, 2010 the Partner jurisdictions of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) released a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), stimulate development of clean-energy technologies, create green jobs, increase energy security and independence, and protect public health. WCI has indicated that accreditation under CARB shall qualify verification standards for the new regime. Even though the new regime excludes RECs as satifaction of emissions reduction, the REC markets are expected to show continued growth rates in excess of 40% for last year. Continued strength in the environmental products markets combined with historic levels ever seen for federal stimulus directed to the rapid deployment of clean energy technologies is resulting in a Clean Energy Boom in America.

At LakeShore Global, we specialize in providing verfication services to customers in the global clean energy markets. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your environmental, financial or technical programs. As the market gets flooded with new reporting schemes, products, and advances in technology, managing your inventory becomes more complex. Accreditation is required to ensure auditors have an acceptable level of general subject matter knowledge.

At LakeShore Global, our professionals are not only accredited, but considered experts in their respective field of study. All phases of a verification project are completed by an seasoned professional with expertise relative to the product under review.

Verification of Renewable Offsets
* Renewable Energy Certificates
* Energy Efficiency Certificates
* Carbon Offset Certificates
* Emission Reduction Credits
* Ethanol Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS)

Integrated Solutions

The global clean energy markets continue to grow. Technological advances will require integrated systems to ensure efficient movement of resources from end to end. Your environmental strategy is dependent upon your knowledge of the process. In a rapidly developing global clean energy market, one incorrect decision can be very costly. LakeShore has the professional skills needed to execute at each phase of the product life cycle. The right skill for the right job.

End to End Market Solutions(energy life cycle)

*Generator financing
*Smart grid technologies
*GHG tracking systems
*Subsystems integration
*Environmental risk assessment
*Corporate planning and reporting